I hate Chinese buffets

I love Asian culture, it’s so interesting and beautiful, particularly Asian food. If you want to go to a nice Asian restaurant in London I can point you in the direction of many different places and filter dependent on type of Asian, authenticity, price etc.

However, I never normally recommend buffets. There is something about a Chinese buffet that is so impersonal. I love getting a beautiful hot meal and feeling like it was made especially for me. Buffets always seem a bit unhygienic and I never realise how full I am until I’m being rolled home.

However, for my brother’s 16 birthday I didn’t think he wouldn’t appreciate an authentic Pho soup restaurant in Covent Garden.

But if you’re going to do a buffet you might as well go big or stay home!¬†JRC Global Buffet Ilford is the only way to do it. It’s a little far out from central London but if you like a buffet it’s 100% worth it.

With 11 different food stations from Thai, to Indian and good old Chinese they have pretty much the whole of Asia covered. It’s not exactly the most authentic exploration of Asian cultures but it’s big, it pretty fun place to go and for a buffet the food is really good.

You walk in and it’s like you’ve died and gone to Asian food heaven and all drinks are included (Non-alcoholic drinks). The wine is pretty cheap but I wouldn’t recommend wine at a Chinese place. I tried a glass but quickly regretted it.

I only had one “small” plate of food…

I had a strange mixed of food. The tandoori chicken wasn’t anywhere near as good as the stuff you get at my half Indian mate Saffron’s family BBQs, however was still very yummy! I had some thick Chinese noodles, Thai spicy fried rice and a delicious Thai red chickpea curry …I tried to be healthy too and added some broccoli and aubergine.


Then went straight over to the dessert table.

I ended it with some ice cream topped with chocolate from the chocolate fountain.

A Chinese buffet isn’t a Chinese buffet without a chocolate fountain.


Happy Birthday Eddy <3


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