Woke up with news of the royal engagement via text from my boyfriend. Being able to see another Royal Wedding is amazing, particularly because this time it is to a woman who is half black!

Interracial relationships aren’t anything new or special where I am from, even my boyfriend is of a different race. But an interracial marriage in the Royal Family is definitely a first and something we’ll be excited to see. Love has no boundaries and certainly not of colour or cultures, let’s face it they’ll have such cute babies so we can’t wait to see her popping out Princes!

Like his mother Princess Diana, Harry has always been the type to really embrace other cultures so I’m not particularly surprised he isn’t marrying the “English Rose” type.

After seeing this picture of him of in Jamaica I knew that he was destined to one day marry a woman of African decent.

And clearly after meeting the incredible, Michelle Obama he clearly said to himself, “Hmmmm I need to get me one of those”. I think it’s a great thing to see an in

Meghan Markle is many things on top of being an African American actress from Los Angeles. She is a feminist, women’s rights activist, humanitarian and by May 2017, member of the royal family!
I remember googling her a couple months ago when rumours first started about the couple dating, the pictures that came up were pretty cute but we’re doing her justice. Google her now and the pictures are absolutely stunning, hair shiny, eyes glistening, skin glowing. Who knew the power of The Royal Family extended to “glowing up” your Google search.

She has already been married before, this is proof to all you girls out there going through heartbreak that things may not work out with this one, but you can love again. The person who you’re meant to be with might be a prince …although I’m pretty sure all the eligible, age appropriate royal bachelors have been taken.

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