Afternoon Tea @ Delaunay

Afternoon Tea @ Delaunay


Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things to do. Now, there’s a lot of people who would look at it as being super posh but I genuinely think that anyone and everyone can go to Afternoon Tea and really love it.

Being amongst 2 Filapinos, an Aussie and 2 American guys, sharing this classic British tradition with them on a beautiful Sunday afternoon was a must.

With Rachelle Ann Go, Rosie Nelson, Christine Allado

I enjoy it because it’s nice being able to see my friends, talk and have a proper catchup. Anyone with any kind of girl squad or team knows how hard it can be to sink everyone’s schedules, especially since two of the girls are working crazy hard on their show, Hamilton.

Normally 1 afternoon tea tray tower is for 2 people but we didn’t really want much sweets so the waitress suggested that we ordered 2 instead of 3 to share between the 6 of us. We did just that and it was plenty of food! Some savoury and some sweet, the waitress also gave us the option to swap to have more savoury instead of sweet or vice versa, but we thought we’d try everything and sick to the norm.

The savoury options were not to my taste. I expect finger sandwiches and was ready for a bit of coronation chicken! Instead we had some kind of crackers, a salmon one, aubergine paste type of thing that just didn’t bang. Tbh no one can do aubergine like the Turkish & Greeks so I don’t know why they bothered.

I’m quite careful with sweets, diabetes runs in my family and I’m paranoid about getting it so if I eat sweets it really needs to be worth it! Although they were nice and everyone else loved them, I didn’t think they were worth it. The scones on the other hand were absolutely amazing! A bit crumbly on the outside and so soft and warm on the inside and with the jam and clotted cream, it was heavenly! So much so that me and Paulo ordered an extra plate of them. They were 100% the best scones I have ever had.

From beginning to end, we were met with the most impeccable service, from putting our coats in the cloakroom, a presentation and explanation of our food, all the way until the end with a nice goodbye.

The staff were attentive and professional but still warm and friendly. One thing I hate about going to nice restaurants is boujee impersonable staff, just feels cold or like if you’re not carrying an Hermes bag and wearing £500,000 worth of jewellery than you shouldn’t be there. I may be poor but I have chosen to be rich for the day, can’t you just go along with it and play pretend with me?

Oh and speaking of expensive jewellery take a look at this bad boy! Curtesy of Rachelle’s fiancé…

All you guys out their proposing to girls in their DMs need to take notes from Rachelle’s boo. Send me a picture of a ring like this and we might have to talk wedding bells 😉

Price wise was really good. They charge £19 for afternoon tea for 2 people which is the best value upscale afternoon tea I have been to. They usually range from £19-£25, excluding the more famous ones like The Ritz, Dorchester and Landmark Hotel’s go up to £50 each.

So in summary, the food was okay, the scones incredible and the service was amazing. The decor was beautiful, low light, very old English James Bondy. Actually reminded me of a small version of The Ned Hotel’s Millie’s Lounge (definitely a must go!). However, the very best part was the amazing company. Actually no it was the scones but the company was a very close second.

Would I recommend this place? Absolutely! If you are just by yourself and simply just want some amazing cakes, there is better out there. But if you are with a group and want to have a fabulous afternoon in general with the best scones ever, this is definitely a shout.

Thank you Paulo for recommending it!

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