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Afternoon Tea @ Delaunay

  Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things to do. Now, there’s a lot of people who would look at it as being super posh but I genuinely think that anyone and everyone can go to Afternoon Tea and really love it. Being amongst 2 Filapinos, an Aussie and 2 American guys, sharing this classic…
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Is Light right?

Although I have an extra large and over priced Virgin TV package with a bunch of cool fancy TV channels, I spend my days off watching my guilty pleasure, really awkward basic British TV. Some of my favourites include, Take Me Out (for the cheese), Dinner Date (for the seriously awkward blind dates where they…
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Saffron’s trip to India

  One of the best things about this time of year is creating memories and spending time with close friends and family. As most who work in fashion, I was pretty much off for December so I went for a curry at a local pub in North West London with close friend and fellow model, Saffron…
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Coming home to Camden

The best thing about the Christmas holidays is being home. It’s probably obvious by now that I enjoy travelling, trying new things, exploring different cultures (hence why I even created Beauty in Diversity) but like the saying goes, “there’s no place like home”. That being said, I think it’s probably about time that I shared…
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I was thrilled to be able to pick up the first issue of new editor-in-chef, Edward Enninful’s British Vogue, featuring cover model, Adwoa Aboah. Both people I admire so much. Edward for his services to diversity in fashion, which won him an OBE. Adwoa for not only being a great model, but having a voice…
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Seeing is believing

Morals of this story: Representation in media is so important Older does not mean wiser As a young girl I wanted to be an actress. I watched way too much TV dreamed of being in Lizzie McGuire, That’s so Raven, Tracy Beaker but as I got older I stopped dreaming. I didn’t think that being…
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