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Couples Holiday to Gran Canaria 2019 – Lopesan Hotel

“This video is dedicated to my wonderful boyfriend, Stefan, Thank you for this holiday, was the most wonderful birthday present ever. I am so lucky to have you. “ AfroMannequin – Please do go to my YouTube channel to watch videos and please subscribe to my channel! 🙂

Mummy’s Birthday: Off to Bath for a Bath

I know this may seem biased because she’s my mother, but my mum is the kindest, most caring and selfless person I have ever met. She would do anything for anyone and inspires me everyday to put positivity and kindness into the world. This year my mother turns 42 and to celebrate I took her…
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Christmas Trio: Paris

There’s nothing more beautiful than Christmas in Paris! Being surrounded by the history, the beauty and culture of the city really set off the magic of Christmas for me. As soon as we landed the first thing we did was visit the Eiffel Tower. We got there and felt pretty underwhelmed, during daylight hours it…
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Baecation Island

Our first holiday together was a trip to the beautiful Mallorca! Stef rented a car so we could really explore the island! Recipe for the best holiday ever?: 3 Destinations 3 Beaches 2 Hotels 2 Marinas 2 Lovers Palma was more touristy cathedrals, shops, bars and cafés. Busy fun beaches and a marina with the fanciest…
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Winner of the Best Christmas Market goes to… Cologne!

Out of all the Christmas Markets I’ve explored this winter time Cologne has got to be the best and here is why… Variety of food They had all the Christmas market norms, Bratwurst, waffles smothered in chocolate, crepes with strawberries and Nutella, chips, etc. But they also had other great treats I was delighted to…
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Christmas in Düsseldorf

After exploring the Barvian Village in Winter Wonderland it was only right that I explored a true traditional German Christmas Market. It was not Barvian style so no cute guys in Lederhosen but nonetheless still absolutely beautifully and magically German. There was no crazy rides or rollercoasters, no Backstreet Boys or flashing neon lights. Just a…
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Winter Wonderland – The Barvaian Village

For any Londoner Winter Wonderland is definitely on the list of things to do during Christmas time. I decided to go within the first week it opened so that it wouldn’t be too cold and this year I could really enjoy it properly, rather than going on a few rides then wanting to go early…
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