Christmas in Düsseldorf

Christmas in Düsseldorf

After exploring the Barvian Village in Winter Wonderland it was only right that I explored a true traditional German Christmas Market.

It was not Barvian style so no cute guys in Lederhosen but nonetheless still absolutely beautifully and magically German. There was no crazy rides or rollercoasters, no Backstreet Boys or flashing neon lights. Just a traditional, calm, romantic and beautiful atmosphere infront of the Düsseldorf town hall.

Lovely Christmas lights, Gluhwein (mulled wine) everywhere. I enjoyed listening to the Christmas music playing and the sound of laughter in the air as the snow fell. I also had an amazing classic German twist on a French cheese, which no British Barvian Village could imitate, fried Camembert, served with a beautiful cranberry sauce.

The next day me and my boyfriend woke up to a beautiful view. It was the cherry on top of a romantic and magical Christmas weekend together in Germany.