Christmas Trio: Paris

Christmas Trio: Paris

There’s nothing more beautiful than Christmas in Paris! Being surrounded by the history, the beauty and culture of the city really set off the magic of Christmas for me.

As soon as we landed the first thing we did was visit the Eiffel Tower. We got there and felt pretty underwhelmed, during daylight hours it just looked like a big greyish/redish building. But as we explored the area, the sun began to set, the Eiffel Tower lights went on and we could truly appreciate it for how beautiful it really was.

After spending the evening exploring the Champs Elysee, we went to a restaurant in Montmarte that our French friend suggested. And the first thing Stefan did was order a plait of snails. Yes I tried them, I had a few actually. The texture was pretty much exactly what you’d think, rubbery and a bit chewy. It was like a strange version of calamari. To be honest, I would have much preferred calamari but the snails were flavoured with a delicious pesto-like sauce so I carried on eating.

It was really cold in Paris so we pretty much drank coffee and tea all day everyday.

We went to see the Pantheon then sat in the cutest library themed Crêperie. We still had a lovely view of the Pantheon while we ate our crêpes. The idea of a savoury crêpe didn’t sit well with me even the first time I tried one last year at a stall in Camden. I usually love the food in Camden but chicken and veg wrapped in a soft floppy crepe with some kind of mayonnaise sauce was just not working at all.

I was reluctant to try again but this time the savoury crepe banged! The crepe was wholemeal and a bit crispy on the outside, while the inside was soft, filled with ham, mushroom, tomato sauce and an amazing french cheese.

We are pretty much obsessed with Christmas markets so we had to visit the Christmas fair near the Champs Elysee. It was like a smaller version of Winter Wonderland in London. Rides, a Santa, mulled wine and lots of food.

I think he has a seafood obsession!


We went to quite a few bars and restaurants but the two that stood out for me was a lovely wine bar where we sat and drank some great white wine, chatted and people watched.

Another place that stood out was Harry’s bar. A cocktail bar/old American themed type of pub. They had some amazing cocktails!

We also visited Gallerie Layfette for a bit of shopping. It was a beautiful big department store with a giant Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling.

At the very top of the building is a roof terrace with a gorgeous view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

I have been to Paris before many times as a kid and for work but this was the first time I was able to really remember and experience what the city had to offer. We did the whole tourist thing and even though Stefan had already done it all before he came with me to see all the sites.

Notre Dame Cathedral

…inside the Cathedral

Arc de Triumph

Louvre Museum

Paris, I’ll be back…

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