Coming home to Camden

Coming home to Camden

The best thing about the Christmas holidays is being home. It’s probably obvious by now that I enjoy travelling, trying new things, exploring different cultures (hence why I even created Beauty in Diversity) but like the saying goes, “there’s no place like home”. That being said, I think it’s probably about time that I shared some things about my own home and what I love about Camden.

A walk through Camden market is one of my favourite things to do. The market is always so vibrant, full of all different types of people, laughter and excitement.

I go pretty often and even if I’m not going to buy something in particular, I love feeling the energy, bumping into friends and seeing what’s new.

Glitter Churros

There’s always a new store popping up, someone giving out free samples of something or a great street performer to watch.

My favourite part of the market is the food market. It has the widest variety of any street food market I have been to.

Fallellel salads, Thai curries, calamari, macaroni & cheese, burritos, halloumi fries, Belgium waffles and so soo much more.

So if your sister is in the mood for something fresh and healthy, like a Vietnamese pho soup and you’re being bad for Christmas and want a hot dog with everything, Camden Market can cater to both of your needs.

I ordered a veggie hotdog, if that makes it sound a bit more healthy (it probably isn’t).

The market in The Stables is great too, my friends and I used to go there every Friday after school, looking at all the cool nik-naks, antiques, vintage clothes.

You can find anything from belly dancing outfits and Japanese Daruma to shisha places and a Cuban bar. It’s where I bought my first pair of vintage Levi’s and also my first legal drink.

Although the high street area is mainly where all the tourist markets are, it is also where you feel the Camden vibe the most, the 3D art on all the shops, the hustle and bustle of the streets, the bold fashion of all the goths, hipsters and Camdeners.

The people of Camden are what make it what it is, the people from here and living here. The stall owners, the goths,  and even the people I normally avoid, like slow walking tourists.

Or guys near the station who try to sell their music …after buying one once and going home to find out it was a blank disc, I personally avoid making transactions on street corners.

I still kind of do my part to support the music industry, I have a Spotify subscription, I was in the Chris & Kem – Little bit Leave it music video and I like Soundcloud links every now again.