Hamilton West End: Premiere

Hamilton West End: Premiere

Audrey Ashley Couture Dress

One day after landing in London, I was whisked away to attend the exciting Premiere of West End’s, Hamilton.

It was a wonderful evening where I watched the incredible story of Alexander Hamilton. US immigrant, turned fighter for the American revolution, turned political power and eventually one of the greatest forefathers of the United States.

Although in actuality all the founding fathers were white, the cast of Hamilton consisted of a variety of different races and ethnicities. In fact, in the US production of Hamilton there is only one white actor.
There is great beauty in the fact that although, historically many of these characters were white, Hamilton has created a cast which represents and celebrates the diversity we see in America and Britain today.

The Schulyer Sisters: (Christine Allado, Rachel John, Rachelle Ann Go)

This cast was so spectacular, such beautiful singing, slick rap and a wonderful story, filled with the most amazing talent from all over, different nationalities and races. Jamaicans, Americans, British, Black people, Asians, white people, mixed and more. The show uses Asian and Black women to portray the beautiful Schulyer sisters. The girls were absolutely stunning, on top of being such great performers.

Me and Christine with lead Jamael Westman (Alexander Hamilton) and friend from Hong Kong

I had met some of the original cast of Hamilton Broadway before, during a stay at the W Times Square earlier this year, and have also modelled for Bryan T Clark’s (Hamilton’s George Washington) clothing brand Indefined.
It was great to see their roles being played on stage and matching them up to their characters in the musical.

The very best thing about the show was watching my best friend and Filipino firecracker, Christine Allado.
There is no better feeling than watching someone you love doing what they love and absolutely smashing it!

By Filipino designer, Rhett Eala

Christine and I met on my first job since returning to the UK from the US in 2015. In these few years we’ve been able grow in or careers together, cheering each other on through everything we do. It was great to sit in the audience and play cheerleader as she stood centre stage at the Victoria Palace Theatre to play Peggy in the West End’s most anticipated show of the year.

With our friend and Christine’s acting agent, Stuart Piper

Like so many people, in this country and all over the world, she is proof of the very message of the show, “Immigrants, they get the job done!”

Me, Christine and attendee Helene Bonham Carter

The show was followed by an amazing after party with lots of great people, celebrities and amazing individuals who had come to enjoy the show, the cast and creators of the show were also letting loose. There was great food at different food stations, cheeseboards, meats, salmon, prawns, amazing little canapés and wonderful drinks. We had Champagne all night and partied away.

Thank you Christine for always being there for me and being my cheerleader, best friend, soul sister and role model. Love you.

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