Mummy’s Birthday: Off to Bath for a Bath

Mummy’s Birthday: Off to Bath for a Bath

I know this may seem biased because she’s my mother, but my mum is the kindest, most caring and selfless person I have ever met. She would do anything for anyone and inspires me everyday to put positivity and kindness into the world.

This year my mother turns 42 and to celebrate I took her on a trip to the beautiful Roman city of Bath.

An hour & a half train ride from Paddington and we were right in the city centre shopping (our favourite activity).

We walked around in the gorgeous sun shine taking in the atmosphere and magnificent golden-beige Roman/Greek style, Georgian buildings. Even the shop fronts on the high street had this old style to them.

Bath is famous for it’s old natural Roman Baths so it’s only right that after exploring the city we went straight to the Thermae Spa.

It’s a large spa with 4 floors with naturally hot thermal baths, sauna, steam rooms, an ice room and roof top thermal bath.

We got to the rooftop when my mum reminded me that the last time she went swimming was 2016, on our holiday in Marbella. She was scared to get in the bath and started making excuses.

Excuse 1: “The water is too deep” – I pointed out that there was a 80 year old woman standing in the pool.

Excuse 2: “It’s too cold for me to take my robe off” – I gently reminded her that it’s a thermal pool. Thermal as in warm.

I went straight in and she reluctantly followed but as soon as she got in and felt the warmth of the pool she smiled and relaxed.

The temperature of the water was so perfect. It was warm but not too hot the way jacuzzis/ hot tubs can be – I can never stay in them for too long because they make me feel sweaty. We really enjoyed the water and the best thing about it all was the gorgeous view over Bath and the glorious sunshine.

The natural, mineral rich baths had us leaving the spa feeling relaxed and fresh. Rather than the sluggish and tired feeling you get coming out of overly chlorine filled swimming pools that most of us are used to.

Bath is filled with tonnes of great Italian places, but my mum (and I think maybe African people in general) don’t seem to really like Italian food. My grandma never tried pizza in her life until I forced her to last July . She always said it looked “dry and disguisting”. She took her first bite and although her mouth said “well, it’s okay” her face said “ewwwww”.

We went to a place called Charm Thai. We that they had a quite a few Asian customers so we knew it would be pretty good.

We sat next to 2 young guys who spent their whole meal with their AirPods in watching videos separately on their own phones. They never spoke a word to each other, I think we’re officially in 2019.

We had some tender roast duck, veg/prawn noodles (the white ones) and a bunch of calamari beforehand crossing the street to Sub 13. It was a bar with such a fun cool atmosphere, filled with lots of cool people and had a lovely big garden at the the back with sofas and heaters. We finished off a glass of Merlot before going back to the station and heading home.

It was nice to get away from London. It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful city with my beautiful mummy. Happy Birthday!

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