Winner of the Best Christmas Market goes to… Cologne!

Winner of the Best Christmas Market goes to… Cologne!

Out of all the Christmas Markets I’ve explored this winter time Cologne has got to be the best and here is why…

Variety of food

They had all the Christmas market norms, Bratwurst, waffles smothered in chocolate, crepes with strawberries and Nutella, chips, etc. But they also had other great treats I was delighted to be able to try.

FleischspieB, which is a skewer of pork that’s half a meter long. Very messy to eat but so good, tender and full of flavour. Puts a 2am kebab in London to shame!

Obazter, a garlicy cream cheese and Camembert type of spread on some soft German toast. It was cheesy and delicious!

Käsespätzle, which is the German’s answer to a British mac & cheese. It’s a type of egg noodle which they add lots and lots of Swiss cheese to. My favourite cheese of all, Gruyere.

The beauty and tradition

The Christmas trees, twinkling lights, cottages, Christmas art and the most amazing view of one of Germany’s oldest Cathedrals and most popular landmarks, Kölner Dom. Built in 1248-1473.

More than one!

London also has several Christmas markets all over the city however, in Cologne they were just a few streets away from each other, all decorated differently, with lots of different food and different themes.

One was more traditional, with statues of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, while another had a lot of cottages/pubs and the others had their own themes.

Great drinks

On top of having the usual mulled wine (or in German, Gluhwein) they also had a white mulled wine instead of a red. It was really nice but surprisingly a bit sweet. I prefer the normal red but if you like sweet drinks you’d love the white!

You could choose to add a shot of Amaretto, Rum or Bailey’s. Amaretto sounded like it was the most appropriate combo for me, which it definitely was!

They also had a special traditional German Christmas drink called Feuerzangenbowle. They lit some kind of rum infused sugar rock on top of the mulled wine which dripped into the mug.

This was all in the middle of the main shopping area in Cologne so I was able to pop in and out a few stores while hopping between Christmas markets.