Winter Wonderland – The Barvaian Village

Winter Wonderland – The Barvaian Village

For any Londoner Winter Wonderland is definitely on the list of things to do during Christmas time. I decided to go within the first week it opened so that it wouldn’t be too cold and this year I could really enjoy it properly, rather than going on a few rides then wanting to go early due to lack of feeling in my fingers and a frozen face.

We didn’t actually go on any rides this year. Instead we decided to put our money towards what we do best, eating and drinking! One of my favourite things about Christmas has got to be a good old cup of mulled wine, nothing better to help warm you up on a cold December evening.

I’ve always thought of the whole thing as quintessentially British. Walking around through Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine, listening to music and relishing in the smell of hot dogs, waffles and warm donuts. However, this year I realised that maybe it’s not so “British” after all.

I noticed that my oddly shaped mug of mulled wine actually had German written on it. It said “Gluhwein”. I went over to get a hot dog, which I get every year but had never noticed that the “hotdog” stools actually were “Bratwurst”.

Maybe it was the freezing cold of very late December that had distracted me or had stopped me from truly exploring this giant Christmas market in the past, but I looked around and realised I had found myself in a great big section of Winter Wonderland that was completely German themed. I had fell down an winter German rabbit hole and landed in a magical place called “The Barvaian Village”.

Complete with German pork roasts, beer in German stein glasses, which hold not 1 but 2 pints.

We sat to eat and all of the waiters were wearing traditional German Lederhosen. I’d have to say I was slightly disappointed that the girls weren’t wearing the cute Barvaian Dirndl outfits with the plaits however, the excellent service made up for it.

There were German bands at the restaurant playing Volksmusik, which is traditional Barvaian folk music. It was very interesting and really fun, I felt like I was in a family friendly version of Munich’s Octoberfest. Later on we headed over to a huge (and heated) tent which played 90s pop music, Backstreet Boys, Spiced Girls. My mother was absolutely loving it.